Xiaomi to now launch smart toothbrush in India, could be Mi Electric Toothbrush


Xiaomi is expected to launch its Mi Electric Toothbrush in India on February 20. This is a smart toothbrush that even has its own app.


  • Xiaomi may be launching the Mi Electric Toothbrush.
  • The Mi Electric Toothbrush comes with its own smart app.
  • Xiaomi is expected to launch more IoT products this year.

Xiaomi has been getting into more segments as the years go by. They came in with smartphones but in a span of a few years, Xiaomi is now present in the smart TV segment as well as the IoT sector. Xiaomi even sells backpacks, pens, speakers, powerbanks and what not. However, India only gets to see a fraction of Xiaomi’s offerings and it’s the Chinese markets that get treated to unique smart products. Xiaomi seems to be bringing more of that stuff to India and the first one out of the bag is a toothbrush.

Yes, Xiaomi is planning to bring a toothbrush to India and it is launching on February 20. It won’t be a regular toothbrush like the one you find in general stores but it will be a smart toothbrush. Xiaomi is teasing it as your personal dentist, which hints at the Mi Electric Toothbrush that was launched in Spain in 2018. If it’s that, it will be quite smart.

The Mi Electric Toothbrush has some clever features that could make brushing easier. It also claims to improve dental hygiene with real-time data. It gets a magnetic levitation sonic motor and anti-corrosion, metal-free brush head. The toothbrush also comes with multiple customisable brush modes, including Standard and Gentle. Yes, you can brush either in a gentle way or a regular way.

Since it’s smart, you can also connect the Mi Electric Toothbrush with Xiaomi’s mobile app to play around with the brush time, brush strength, and other oral care functions. Some of these are on the basis of the user’s diet and daily brushing habits. Users can use the app to get statistics such as duration, coverage and uniformity. One can also get brushing reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The toothbrush can stay alive for a total of 18 days on a single charge and it has a USB port to recharge its battery. An IPX7 rating is also present to keep the device running – obviously, it has to as it is a toothbrush and it will have to deal with water and toothpaste.

Xiaomi has big plans for India in 2020 and it is willing to diversify into different categories. The Mi Electric Toothbrush is one of the first few smart products. Xiaomi is also expected to bring its RedmiBook laptops this year to India.

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