WhatsApp dark mode update now available for iOS beta users


WhatsApp has finally rolled out the dark mode for its iOS app, although under the TestFlight programme.

twitter-logo Shubham Verma   New Delhi     Last Updated: February 10, 2020  | 12:04 IST


  • WhatsApp dark mode is now rolling out to iOS TestFlight app.
  • The dark mode was recently released for Android beta users.
  • WhatsApp has not specified when the final launch will happen.

WhatsApp took an unusually long time to roll out the dark mode for its users, probably because it is still gauging ways to entirely implement the feature. A handful of users on Android who signed up for WhatsApp beta can now access the dark mode. But, their iOS counterparts have not been lucky so far. That changes with WhatsApp’s new update for its iOS app, although under the beta programme. Dark mode has now been rolled out to WhatsApp beta for iOS, according to a report.

The dark mode on WhatsApp has been corroborated through a screenshot of WhatsApp listing on App Store, shared by MacRumors. The WhatsApp update carrying the dark mode is available under the TestFlight (beta) programme for iOS. Users who are on the TestFlight programme can update WhatsApp to version 2.20.30 to access dark mode. It should be noted that the TestFlight programme supports iOS 9 or higher, so iPhone models running any OS version lower than that will not be able to gain access to the new feature. Moreover, it is not clear whether the dark mode is limited only to iOS 13.

Some previous leaks suggested that WhatsApp is working on more than one shade of black for its iOS app. There could be as many as three dark mode variations, owing to their usage on different hardware. An infinite black colour could arrive on iPhone models with the OLED display, while the ones with LCD display could have a little aberration. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 lie somewhere in the middle in terms of display material, hence, the third shade of dark.

While the iPhone users have had to wait to get their hands on the dark mode on WhatsApp, Android users were treated with it a few weeks back. For now, the feature is restricted for beta users on both platforms, which means the wide rollout is expected to take place in the coming days. We are not sure when that will happen as WhatsApp has been delaying the launch for longer than expected.

The availability of dark mode under the beta programme also means that the final version is still under development. A multitude of reports and leaks have reasserted that WhatsApp is paying attention to each feature of the app with regards to the dark mode. It is re-creating various elements, including stickers, emojis, and chat screen among others, to go well with the dark theme. We expect a thorough paint job of the app as and when the dark mode arrives.

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