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We’ve compared TurboTax vs H&R Block in terms of features, customer service, ease of use, and other offerings to help you determine the best fit for your business. However, the choice between the two ultimately depends on individual needs, the complexity of the tax situation, preferred support options, and budget considerations.

TurboTax is a widely used tax preparation software known for its user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance and is optimal for QuickBooks Self-Employed users and businesses needing cryptocurrency support. Meanwhile, H&R Block has both online and in-person tax preparation services and is ideal for small business owners who want to use desktop software and to meet with a tax advisor in person.

TurboTax vs H&R Block Quick Comparison

When To Use

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed users: If you’re a QuickBooks Self-Employed user, you will find that its integration with TurboTax allows you to transfer your financial data from QuickBooks to your tax forms seamlessly. It also helps track business expenses, calculates estimated quarterly tax payments, and guides users through the complexities of reporting self-employment income and deductions. In contrast, H&R Block’s tax software doesn’t integrate with QuickBooks.
  • Rental property owners: TurboTax can be helpful for landlords and property owners needing to report rental income and expenses. It offers guidance on deductions, depreciation, and other relevant tax considerations related to rental properties. TurboTax’s step-by-step interview process makes it easy to enter information accurately. While H&R Block’s tax software allows you to account for rental properties, the tools within TurboTax’s Premier version are much more sophisticated.
  • Small businesses seeking cryptocurrency support: H&R Block doesn’t offer this feature. Meanwhile, TurboTax partners with Coinbase to assist with importing your cryptocurrency transactions. It will also help with e-filing your cryptocurrency gains and losses. If you sign up for TurboTax Premier, you can import up to 250 transactions at once from Coinbase.

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  • Expats who require tax services: H&R Block offers a special service for expats, with both assisted and do-it-yourself (DIY) tax services available for United States citizens and green card holders who are required to file US expat taxes annually. What’s more, its online software identifies tax benefits available for expats. This is in contrast to TurboTax, which doesn’t offer services specific to expats.
  • Small business owners who want to meet with a tax advisor in person: H&R Block has physical offices in almost 9,000 locations across the US, making it convenient for individuals who prefer face-to-face interactions when filing their taxes. This can be particularly helpful if you have questions, need guidance, or have complex tax situations that require professional assistance. In-person meetings aren’t offered by TurboTax, which focuses its services online.
  • Small business owners who prefer to use affordable desktop software: H&R Block offers DIY online filing options as well but, if you purchase its desktop software, you can prepare as many returns as you like and e-file five of them at no additional cost. Additionally, if you sign up for H&R Block’s live tax pro support, it is available with both personal and business returns. While TurboTax also offers desktop software, H&R Block’s prices are much more affordable.
  • S-corp and partnership businesses: Whether you want to file a DIY S-corp or partnership return or want assistance with filing, H&R Block is the best choice because of its lower prices. It offers full-service filing at a fraction of the cost of TurboTax’s full-service option.

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  • Self-employed individuals seeking free software to file an individual return with Schedule C: Neither TurboTax nor H&R Block offer free software. FreeTaxUSA allows self-employed business owners to file a Schedule C for free, plus a state tax return at an affordable fee. In our guide to the best small business tax software, we selected FreeTaxUSA the best free tax software for freelancers. Read our FreeTaxUSA review to learn more.
  • Businesses looking for unlimited one-on-one tax assistance and to file returns online: If you sign up for TaxAct’s Xpert Help, you’ll be connected with certified public accountants (CPAs) or other tax experts who can answer questions and provide assistance with navigating your tax situation, although advice for business returns (Forms 1120S or 1065) is unavailable. TaxAct also doesn’t put a limit on the number of times you can speak with tax experts during your filing experience. What’s more, it offers online filing of business returns, a feature that neither TurboTax nor H&R Block offers. Read our review of TaxAct for more information.
  • Small businesses that need to file year-end information returns: If you’re seeking software that can help you file W-2s, 1099s, and 1095s, BoomTax is a good solution—but it doesn’t allow for income tax filing. However, you can import the data from QuickBooks Online for faster processing. The processing of year-end information returns isn’t offered with TurboTax or H&R Block. Read our BoomTax review for more information about the tool’s features.

Are you seeking other options for tax filing? Check out our guide to the leading TurboTax alternatives, which presents options that include TaxAct and FreeTaxUSA.

TurboTax vs H&R Block: Pricing

When comparing H&R Block vs TurboTax in terms of pricing, H&R Block is much more affordable than TurboTax, which charges quite a bit more for both individual and business tax returns for both DIY desktop and online filing. However, both offer a free option for online filing if you just need to file a 1040 tax return.

H&R Block’s prices start at $85 for individual returns, $220 for self-employed, and $260 for business returns. If you sign up for H&R Block’s Assisted plan, you get live tax pro support with both personal and business plans. Also, the self-employed and business returns are prepared by Block Advisors, H&R Block’s online bookkeeping and tax service. For more information, check out our review of Block Advisors.

Meanwhile, TurboTax users can pay a fee for assisted tax support, but it is only available in 14 states

Only available in California, Texas, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, and Ohio
if you’re filing a business return. For Full Service support, TurboTax charges a flat fee of $219 to $409 for individual returns and $1,499 for business returns. State returns are an additional $54 to $64.

TurboTax vs H&R Block: Live Assistance

While both providers offer assisted and full-service tax filing options, one of the major differences between TurboTax vs H&R Block is that the former doesn’t offer an option to meet in person. However, it does offer one-way videoconferencing, something H&R Block does not, which can help streamline communications. TurboTax also offers tax pro assistance for business returns, although this is limited to California, Texas, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, and Ohio.

In that battle between H&R Block vs TurboTax in terms of helpful tools, TurboTax wins, with useful features like a deduction maximizer and cryptocurrency support. However, H&R Block stands out with its expat tax services, which offers United States citizens and green card holders both DIY and assisted tax filing. Note that both providers offer some type of audit support, the option to import data, and a tax calculator.

TurboTax vs H&R Block: Mobile App

While both TurboTax and H&R Block have mobile apps, H&R Block’s has more features. MyBlock, H&R Block’s app, lets you perform a couple more tasks than TurboTax, including IRS refund tracking and e-file return, and it supports the Free, Deluxe, and Premium versions.

TurboTax vs H&R Block: Customer Service & Ease of Use

TurboTax is designed with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the tax preparation experience. It offers a step-by-step process that guides users through entering their tax information, maximizing deductions, and ensuring accurate calculations. It provides clear explanations and instructions at each stage, making it accessible even for individuals without extensive tax knowledge.

The provider’s customer service options include live chat via a chatbot or an online form if you’re a free user—and paid users get access to TurboTax specialists. If you sign up for TurboTax Live, you’ll receive a one-on-one review with a tax expert prior to filing and unlimited advice as you work to prepare your taxes.

The TurboTax Live Full Service plan gives you access to a tax expert who will prepare and file your taxes, with the ability to meet with them before they begin work and again when your return is ready for review.

TurboTax input screen

Meanwhile, H&R Block’s UI may not be as clean as TurboTax’s, but it is still easy to navigate and easy to get started. Every page includes clear instructions, and it allows you to skip some sections to return to later. Once you log in, you can check the status of your refund and check your history. A tax calculator is also provided so that you can access your tax refund.

In terms of customer support, the provider offers comprehensive online support through its website, where users can access a knowledge base, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and articles that cover a wide range of tax topics. It also provides unlimited live chat and telephone support for paid users. What’s more, you can meet with an H&R Block agent in any of its almost 9,000 offices. Visit H&R Block’s local tax office page to find an office near you.

H&R Block input screen

H&R Block vs TurboTax: User Reviews

TurboTax users appreciate the option of online DIY tax filing or a desktop version. Reviewers also praised its useful features, such as the deduction maximizer, W-2 import, and capable mobile app. The software’s biggest drawback is that you need to purchase a separate program for corporations and partnerships.

TurboTax earned the following average scores on popular review sites:

  • G21: 4.4 out of 5 based on nearly 100 reviews
  • TrustRadius2: 8.8 out of 10 based on less than 20 reviews
  • Software Advice3: 4.6 out of 5 based on nearly 250 reviews

Meanwhile, H&R Block users appreciate that there are options available for different budgets and the ability to work with a tax professional if desired. Reviewers also praised the fact that there are five federal e-files available with the desktop software. One of the solution’s drawbacks is live tax assistance isn’t available with the desktop software.

H&R Block has limited user reviews, with the following average scores on popular review sites:

  • Consumer Affairs4: 3.7 out of 5 based on more than 700 reviews
  • Software Advice5: 4.3 out of 5 based on more than 50 reviews


If your business is audited, H&R Block will review, research, and respond on behalf of your business to any IRS letter or notice.

Yes, TurboTax offers a free mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

H&R Block uses proprietary software to prepare taxes for both individuals and businesses. For those wanting to prepare their own taxes, it offers both an online and desktop version of its software.

TurboTax offers two products for small business owners: TurboTax Home & Business and TurboTax Business. While TurboTax Home & Business is designed for sole proprietors and 1099 contractors, TurboTax Business assists with preparing taxes for corporations, partnerships, and LLCs.

Bottom Line

Based on our expert TurboTax vs H&R Block comparison, we found that TurboTax excels in its user-friendly interface and self-guided tax preparation process while H&R Block stands out with its in-person support and physical office locations, making it a preferred choice for those who value face-to-face assistance. We advise evaluating the specific features, pricing, and user reviews for both providers to determine the best fit for your tax filing requirements.

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