5 Best Trucking Accounting Software for 2023


The best trucking accounting software can be a standalone trucking-specific accounting software or a versatile accounting solution that seamlessly integrates with specialized trucking tools. We evaluated the leading solutions based on price, ease of use, and whether they have essential accounting and trucking-specific features—such as invoicing, bill management, load and order management, and carrier and driver management.

Here are our five best trucker accounting software:

  • QuickBooks Online: Best overall trucking accounting software when integrated with RAMA Logistics Software (RLS)
  • Q7: Best standalone trucking-specific accounting software
  • Tailwind TMS: Best invoicing and billing software with trucking features
  • Rigbooks: Most affordable and easy-to-use trucking solution for small fleets
  • Zoho Books: Best mobile accounting app for independent truckers

Best Trucking Accounting Software: Quick Comparison

All include invoicing and bill management features.

Trucking Accounting Software Quiz

Which trucking accounting software is best for you?

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QuickBooks Online: Overall Best Trucking Accounting Software When Integrated With RAMA Logistics Software


  • More affordable than most complete bookkeeping software
  • Direct integration with RLS for trucking features
  • Strong accounting features like bank reconciliation
  • Track mileage from your smartphone
  • Plenty of QuickBooks ProAdvisors nationwide for assistance


  • Requires separate subscription to trucking management software
  • Cannot directly call customer support either with QuickBooks Online or RLS
  • Users may need time to learn how to use the integrated system

Pricing & Plans

  • Simple Start: $30 per month for one user
  • Essentials: $55 per month for three users
  • Plus: $85 per month for five users (our recommendation for truckers)
  • Advanced: $200 per month for 25 users

New users have the choice of 50% off for three months or a free 30-day trial with no credit card required.

We recommend trucking companies using QuickBooks Online to purchase the RLS integration as well. Some of the trucking platform’s most notable features include:

  • Load management: RLS allows you to create, manage, and track loads until they are successfully delivered to the customer.
  • Dispatch management: Managers and dispatchers can identify unassigned loads and quickly match them with available trucks and drivers.
  • Customer record maintenance: Although it has no dedicated customer database, RLS enables you to store and manage customer-related information, such as contact details and addresses.
  • Location maintenance: Users can store and manage information relevant to the trucking business.
  • Driver record management: Important driver records—such as contact details, driver license number, mileage rates, and extra stop rates—are recorded in the customer’s profile.
  • Trucking-specific reports: Users can run different types of trucking reports, such as load, driver, carrier, customer, and commission reports.

RLS costs $45 per month for one user or $80 per month for eight users. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial without providing your credit card details. Go to our detailed review of RAMA Logistics Software or visit RAMA Logistics Software for more information.

QuickBooks Online has enhanced standard accounting features that can be easily customized to nearly any type of business, making it our overall best small business accounting software. It has no trucking-specific features, but when you add RLS, it becomes a powerful trucking management system (TMS) and accounting software combined.

While QuickBooks Online handles all your accounting processes, RLS helps you accomplish trucking-related tasks. For instance, you can use RLS to manage your loads, dispatch orders, and track delivery status. You can then transfer the load information to QuickBooks to create invoices, track expenses, and generate reports.

Although there are other QuickBooks trucking integrations available, RLS stands out due to its direct integration with QuickBooks. This means the platform can be purchased directly from the QuickBooks App Store, and you can launch it from your QuickBooks account. Other QuickBooks trucking integrations require complicated setup and third-party connectors.

  • Income and expense tracking: If you only need basic tracking of your trucking business’ income and expenses, then QuickBooks alone should be enough.
  • Bank reconciliation: Unlike the other trucking accounting software on the list, QuickBooks Online allows you to connect your banks and reconcile your bank accounts.
  • Payroll: Integrate with QuickBooks Payroll to pay drivers and contractors, track workloads across multiple worksites, and monitor contractor payments.
  • Integrated accounting: With the RLS integration, you can push crucial data into QuickBooks for accounting. For instance, QuickBooks Online automatically generates invoices based on the load details sourced from RAMA Logistics Software.
  • Trucking companies that prioritize general accounting features: Whether you are an independent trucking business owner or a small fleet using an existing trucking tool and need integrated accounting features, QuickBooks Online is right for you.
  • Trucking companies that need extensive bookkeeping support. QuickBooks Online is very popular and used by many small businesses. It should be easy for you to find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help you with your bookkeeping needs.
  • Current RLS users: Trucking companies using RLS can easily integrate their trucking software with QuickBooks Online. Once integrated, it only takes a single click of the Update QuickBooks button to sync your data across the two platforms.

QuickBooks Online now offers a free meeting with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help new users set up their accounts and provide guidance on how to get the most out of the software. This offer is only available when you sign up right away without the 30-day free trial.

Q7: Best Standalone Trucking-specific Software


  • Full-fledged bookkeeping solution
  • Choice of desktop or cloud-based program
  • Has a built-in trucking payroll management system
  • Extensive list of trucking management features
  • Custom features, such as the mileage interface, can be added for an additional fee


  • No upfront pricing
  • Desktop version is incompatible with Mac
  • Complex system requires training and dedication

Pricing & Plans

You need to contact Q7 directly for a free demo and a customized price quote.

Q7 by Frontline Software Technology is an all-in-one solution that offers a comprehensive set of features tailored specifically to the needs of the trucking industry. It allows you to manage bookkeeping tasks, such as paying bills, sending invoices, and reconciling bank accounts. It also has a powerful fleet maintenance program that will track your fixed assets and help you schedule routine maintenance, whether it’s based on months or miles driven.

Unlike other trucking-specific management software, Q7 does not require integration with accounting systems, as it already has built-in accounting capabilities. This means that you can manage all aspects of your trucking business—from load management to invoicing and financial reporting, within a single platform—without having to purchase and integrate external accounting software like QuickBooks.

  • Accounts payable (A/P) management: Q7 allows you to pay vendor bills, create purchase orders, track vendor invoices, and set up recurring expenses, such as loan payments.
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) management: You can create, send, and track customer invoices and payments. Invoices are tied to a dispatch to ensure that loads are only invoiced when complete.
  • Banking: You can write and void checks, create deposits and transfer funds, and reconcile bank accounts.
  • Financial scoreboard: The Financial Scoreboard provides a complete view of your financial data, and you can create a customized report based on your needs.
  • Dispatch management: Q7 provides the tools to manage dispatch operations, including truckload and brokerage dispatch, less-than-truckload (LTL) dispatch, and order management.
  • Payroll: Q7 includes a payroll module that lets you pay employees and contractors by checks or direct deposit and in any method, such as hourly, fixed salary, mile, or revenue percentage.
  • Trucking companies that need a full-fledged bookkeeping solution: You can use Q7 to manage both the accounting and trucking operation management sides of your business instead of using two separate programs.
  • Trucking businesses that want a hybrid solution: Q7 gives you the flexibility to store your data on the internet or physical hard drives or local computers.
  • Delivery drivers: Q7 has recently developed a mobile app that helps drivers track the status of their load assignments, plan their trips, and collaborate with their managers in real time.
  • Trucking companies with many employees: Q7 has a customized trucking payroll module that lets you pay your employees and contractors.

Tailwind TMS: Best Invoicing & Billing Software With Built-in Trucking Features


  • Comprehensive bill payment and invoicing features
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online and Desktop (depending on subscription)
  • Includes customer and carrier self-service portals
  • GPS-confirmed shipment and event tracking
  • Multiple branch or division management capability


  • More expensive than similar software
  • Not a complete bookkeeping system
  • No integrated payroll
  • No bank reconciliation feature

Pricing & Plans

  • Pro: $117 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $176 per user, per month
  • Unlimited: $235 per user, per month

Most freight brokers will be well served by choosing the Pro plan. The Pro and Enterprise plans have a free trial available with no credit card required

While Tailwind TMS isn’t a complete bookkeeping solution, it’s great for invoicing and bill payment, which are two major needs of a trucking company. It has comprehensive A/P and A/R features that let you track bills and payments from different personnel involved in your operations, such as vendors, employees, carriers, and customers. The Invoice List and Bill Posting modules are intuitive and comprehensive, and they help you review and track bills and invoices easily.

Additionally, Tailwind’s TMS billing and invoicing modules provide greater flexibility than those in other trucking-specific software. For instance, trucking companies have the flexibility to post related bills together with the invoice or post the expenses and bills separately. This allows you to customize your billing workflows based on your specific requirements.

You might consider upgrading to the Enterprise plan to offer customer and carrier self-service portals. Customers can log in to view their account information, shipments, and invoices, whereas carriers can access available loads, shipments you have dispatched with them, and amounts you owe them.

  • Carrier management: Tailwind TMS helps you easily manage and track dispatch details, such as the number of loads available and dispatched shipments.
  • Order management: This feature lets you create orders for customers, set up basic freight charges or fuel surcharges, and track commission sales, carrier partner pay, and company driver pay by the mile or by the hour.
  • Self-service portals: Included in the Enterprise and Unlimited plans, you can set up a self-service portal for your customers and carriers. The Customer portal gives your customers access to information about their accounts, shipments, and invoices.
  • Dispatch and shipment tracking management: Track and manage shipper and shipment details easily, such as appointment times and pick-up and delivery windows.
  • Trucking companies working with many customers and vendors: All Tailwind TMS plans allow you to create and send unlimited bills and invoices.
  • Trucking businesses with multiple branches: Tailwind TMS allows you to set up and manage more than one branch and manage the transactions and records for each branch separately.
  • QuickBooks Online users who need integrated trucking features: QuickBooks Online Plus integrates with any plan, while QuickBooks Desktop syncs with the Enterprise and Unlimited plans. Learn more about these solutions’ features and pricing by reading our detailed QuickBooks Online review and QuickBooks Desktop review.

Rigbooks: Most Affordable & Easy-to-Use Trucking Management Solution for Small Fleets


  • Unlimited users
  • Offers a free trial with all core features
  • Affordable option for detailed load tracking
  • Track miles per jurisdiction for easy International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting


  • Expensive for businesses with more than five trucks
  • Not a complete bookkeeping system
  • Lower plans do not include invoicing
  • No mobile app

Pricing & Plans

  • Basic Entry: $19 per month; $19 per additional truck
  • Leased O/O: $29 per month; 24 per additional truck
  • Independent O/O: $49 per month; $29 per additional truck
  • Small Fleet: $149 per month for up to five trucks; $29 per additional truck

You can try Rigbooks for free for 30 days.

Rigbooks is ideal for small fleets with one or two trucks. For as low as $19 per month, you can track business expenses, fuel mileage, trips, and orders for a single truck. It’s an affordable option for small trucking companies that need to track cost per mile and understand which of their loads are the most profitable.

Also, we believe that it has the simplest user interface (UI) among all the software listed here, making it a great option for trucking owners with no accounting background. If your trucking company doesn’t require accounting features and solely focuses on trucking management, then Rigbooks is a cost-effective solution.

  • Expense tracking: Rigbooks tracks fixed and variable costs. You can add loads and trips and attach revenue and expenses to better understand the profitability of your loads.
  • Order tracking: You can monitor loads based on status, and each status has a separate tab for easy tracking.
  • Invoicing: Rigbooks lets you create an invoice from existing trip records, including instant billing, partial payments, and private notes.
  • Fuel purchase recording: Record your fuel purchases for each truck to help you track oil and gasoline costs and keep detailed records of truck mileage for tax reimbursement.
  • Trucking owners without accounting experience: With a neat and simple interface, Rigbooks is very easy to learn and use. It won’t take a while to fully understand the features.
  • Owner-operators with a single truck: Rigbooks is the most affordable trucking solution for trucking businesses with a single truck at only $19 per month.
  • Growing trucking companies with an expanding team: As your company hires new employees, you can add them as users to the system easily without any additional cost.

Zoho Books: Best Mobile Accounting App for Independent Truckers


  • Has a feature-packed accounting mobile app
  • Can call customer support directly
  • Free plan doesn’t skimp on features
  • Has many accounting features and more affordable than other software like QuickBooks


  • Free plan limited to companies with less than $50,000 in annual revenue
  • Additional seat requires extra fee if user limit is reached
  • Has no trucking-specific features
  • Doesn’t integrate with trucking management software

Pricing & Plans

  • Free: $0 for businesses that make $50,000 or less in annual revenue
  • Standard: $12 per organization, per month; up to three users
  • Professional: $24 per organization, per month; up to five users
  • Premium: $36 per organization, per month; up to 10 users
  • Elite: $129 per organization, per month; up to 10 users
  • Ultimate: $249 per organization, per month; up to 15 users

If needed, you can pay $3 per every additional user. You may also purchase the following add-ons:

  • Advanced auto-scans: $10 for 50 scans per month in all plans
  • Snail mails: $2 per credit in all plans
  • Company branches (from Premium): $12 per branch per month

Just like QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books isn’t custom-tailored for trucking businesses. However, it has a powerful mobile accounting app that can help independent truckers in many ways.

For instance, they can capture receipts, record expenses related to fuel, tolls, maintenance, and other business costs, and then categorize them for reporting and tax purposes. They can also create professional invoices on the go and send them to clients or brokers directly from their mobile devices. Self-employed truck drivers needing basic tracking of their income and expenses can even save money with Zoho Books’ free plan.

  • Competitive free plan: The free plan includes almost all the core features of Zoho Books, including income and expense management, invoicing, and tax management.
  • Expense management: Zoho Books provides the tools you need to easily manage your expenses, including the ability to attach bills and receipts to transactions from your smartphone. You can also set up recurring expenses if needed.
  • Invoicing: You can create and customize invoices in Zoho Books and send them in different languages and currencies depending on your customer location. You may also create recurring invoices if you have customers you pay regularly and schedule them to send in advance for easy payment collection.
  • Mobile accounting: From your smartphone, you can use the Zoho Books app to create and send invoices, accept payments, track billable time, and capture expense receipts.
  • Independent trucking business owners: Independent truckers that don’t need trucking management features can use the app to stay on top of their income and expenses and get paid by their clients.
  • Self-employed drivers: You can use the app to track business mileage automatically.

How We Evaluated the Best Trucking Accounting Software

We ranked trucking accounting software based on pricing, ease of use, and how it performed across the general accounting and trucking-specific features we look for. To ensure the accuracy and integrity of our list, we evaluated all applications using an internal rubric scoring system with five categories, each with a calculated weighted score.


General Accounting Features


Trucking-specific Features


Ease of Use & Customer Support

10% of Overall Score

We ranked each accounting software based on its affordability, considering the number of users included in each plan and the costs to add an extra seat.

25% of Overall Score

Regardless of the industry, specialized accounting software should include general bookkeeping features like A/P, A/R, and bank account reconciliation.

25% of Overall Score

The best trucking accounting software should be able to manage and track dispatches, orders, fuel and mileage, driver settlements, and IFTA reporting.

30% of Overall Score

We signed up for a free trial and tried the software ourselves to determine how easy it is to use. We also considered the available customer service options and how quickly the provider responds to a concern.

10% of Overall Score

We gathered unbiased user reviews from several review websites like G2 and Software Advice.

*Percentages of overall score

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Trucking accounting software has unique features, such as the ability to dispatch drivers and track load status. Meanwhile, general-purpose bookkeeping software lets you perform common accounting tasks, such as invoicing, billing, and expense tracking.

Trucking companies needing to track income and expenses and manage trucking operations in one platform should use trucking accounting software.

If you need specialized tools like load and dispatch management, then consider integrating QuickBooks Online with RAMA Logistics Software. However, Q7 is a great standalone trucking-specific accounting solution, while Rigbooks is ideal if you have a small fleet and want an affordable platform.

Yes, you can use free general bookkeeping software like Wave for your trucking business. However, a free solution might not be enough if you have complex trucking management needs. This is where we recommend premium software like Q7 or even an integration between QuickBooks Online and RAMA Logistics Software.

Bottom Line

Overall, there’s no single accounting or trucking management software that can cover all the various needs of truck drivers and fleet managers. To determine the right fit for your company, you have to assess your budget and needs and know what particular features you require.

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