Is iPhone XS at Rs 54,999 an unmissable deal? Should you save with iPhone XR or spend extra on iPhone 11?



  • The iPhone XS 64GB variant is selling at Rs 54,999 on Flipkart.
  • The iPhone XS was Apple’s flagship for most of 2018.
  • The OLED display and the compact body make the iPhone XS a great buy.

Every time there’s a sale on iPhones, the geek inside us thinks of upgrading from the older models or shifting platform from Android. In most of these online sales, iPhones come with incredible deals and it’s usually a good time to buy one if you have been waiting for some nice offers. Currently, Flipkart is hosting an Apple Days sale that started from February 5 and will go on until February 8. Under the sale, you will find some great offers for all the iPhone models.

However, the most incredible deal among all the model on sale comes from the iPhone XS. Yes, that iPhone model which was Apple’s flagship for most of last year. Flipkart is offering the base variant of the iPhone XS at almost half the price when it launched in 2018. The iPhone XS 64GB variant can be had for Rs 54,999 during the sale, which is a massive drop when compared to the Rs 99,900 price tag when the phone was brand new.

It almost sounds unbelievable but you can get last year’s flagship iPhone for the same money you would spend on an older iPhone XR or any of the Android flagships. The offer appears as a sort of stock clearance sale from Flipkart as it is hard to find such massive price cuts on an almost new iPhone model.

Given that you can now buy an iPhone XS for the same price as an iPhone XR, should you go ahead and click the buy button? Is it worth saving a few bucks compared to the newer iPhone 11?

Is iPhone XS a good buy now?

The iPhone XS is over a year old and Flipkart appears to be clearing stocks with such aggressive prices. Despite the phone being old, here are five reasons why you should get the iPhone XS now.

-If you have wanted a compact iPhone without giving up on the bells and whistles, the iPhone XS is a perfect start. The 5.8-inch display with narrow bezels makes for a compact body but it gets all the premium glass and metal you expect from an Apple product.

-Speaking of the display, the iPhone XS offers a Super Retina OLED display. The OLED display is way sharper and punchier in colours over the LCD screens you see in the iPhone XR or even the newer iPhone 11. If you want the best viewing experience on an iPhone, you can’t miss the OLED display on the iPhone XS.

-The iPhone XS also has a dual-camera system at the back and compared to the cheaper iPhone XR, it can do better portrait mode photos.

-The iPhone XS is powered by the A12 Bionic chipset from Apple and paired with 4GB RAM, you can expect blistering performance. There’s nothing in the app ecosystem that the iPhone XS can’t run in the best of ways for now and even in the next three years, it should work great.

-The iPhone XS will most probably get the next four iOS updates and that could make it a better deal the newer Android flagship phones on sale.

Is it better than the iPhone 11?

Technically, it falls behind in terms of camera performance to the iPhone11. However, at Rs 54,999, I would choose the iPhone XS any day over the iPhone 11 – the OLED display and the compact factor make it a better choice over the iPhone 11 for now.

That said, if you care about battery life and camera performance, you should spend extra on the iPhone 11.

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