How to type Odia without any software 2020 (Google Tricks) – odia typing tutorials

odia tying tutorials

Odia Typing Process tutorial


Dear Reader, I have a best trick for odia language content writing which is necessary for the bloggers as well as students , news portal who write multi language posts. Almost all the computers and the mobile in any country supports english language, so all the keyboard generally comes with english letters. For multi language content writer it is necessary to use software like Akruti to write their content, but i have a trick with which any one can write multi language post without using any software. We will use google as our writing tool. In this post we will learn about how to write odia.

What Will We Use To Write Odia ?

    Despite Odia is a official language of the state Odisha and also a major language of India, which have a native speaker of 33 million people, it is not available in Google Translate. So we will use a different method to write Odia.Since the language Odia is very rich in vocabulary it is too hard to program the database of each and every word of Odia in google translate. It is work in progress by google. I hope it will be available in google translate soon. Till then we will use a program provided by google named ODIA GOOGLE.

Requirements to type odia:

1 : An Android mobile or a PC or a Laptop2 : A web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome ( other browser also can be used )3:  A speed internet connection

 How To Use :

1 : Turn on your devices internet connect connection and turn on your web browser. That may be mozilla firefox or google chrome or opera or other browser.2 : now search for : Then type Odia Google. A screenshot is given below.

4 : Now click on search button . It will show you the search results.
5 : Now click on the very first link that appears in your search results. A sereenshots of that is given below.

6 : After clicking the Google Odia Converter will be displayed. A screenshot of that is given below.

7 : Now type your desired text in english and it will translate it to odia. A screenshot of that is also given below.

8 : Now copy the written text to your blog post or notepad. Thats all you will write Odia without using any softwares.

How To Write On Odia Google :

1 : First Open the Odia Google.2 : Now write the text in below format
=>If you want to write  [ଓଡ଼ିଆ ] then type [ Odia ] and hit enter.=>If you want to write  [ ତୁମ ନାମ କଣ ] then type [ Tuma Nama Kana ] and hit enter.=>If you want to write  [ ତୁମେ କିଏ ] then type [ Tume Kie ] and hit enter.=>If you want to write  [ ମୋର ନାମ କାଳିଆ ] then type [ Mora Nama Kalia ] and hit enter. 

Tutorial :

Message For You :

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