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  • Nokia 9 PureView was launched for Rs 49,999
  • Nokia 9 PureView has received a price cut of Rs 15,000
  • Nokia 9 PureView is the only phone that has a Penta camera setup.

Nokia’s flagship phone, the Nokia 9 PureView that launched in India in 2019 has got a massive price cut. The phone that was initially priced at Rs 49, 999 has a got price cut of Rs 15,000, bringing it down to Rs 34,999. The device is available in a single blue colour and also has no-cost EMI options. The latest price has been updated on the company’s official website. Nokia, however, has not specified whether the price cut is permanent or temporary.

Since its launch in July 2019, Nokia 9 PureView got a price cut for the first time. It is a flagship phone by Nokia that features a 5.99-inch Quad-HD + POLED screen. It is powered by Snapdragon 845 SoC with 6GB RAM and has an internal storage of 128GB. The phone has five 12-megapixel cameras and a 20-megapixel on the front. Interestingly, the Nokia PureView is the only phone that has a Penta camera setup.

However, as much as the Penta-camera setup amuses you, it wouldn’t be very pleasant to look at. Especially, if you have trypophobia. So if the rear design of Nokia 9 PureView creeps you out, you are most likely to be suffering from trypophobia.

In simple terms, trypophobia is a fear of holes, basically, anything which has too many holes or bumps will most likely trigger your phobia and Nokia 9 PureView might just do that. The phone has not five but six holes in total, enough to trigger your trypophobia. Soon after the first look of the phone was unveiled, people thronged to Twitter to complain about the design of the phone and how it makes their skin crawl.

A senior lecturer at the University of Essex’s Centre for Brain Research told that the phone’s design could instantly trigger a trypophobic.”When a person takes a picture of you, the camera on this phone could fall roughly at a distance and alignment which could trigger a trypophobic response. The pattern of the camera really does have the structure to cause trypophobia,” he said.

However, despite having too many cameras at the rear, the one thing that it doesn’t have is the camera bump. In simple terms, the phone lies flat when placed on a surface, unlike some phones with huge camera bumps.

So in Rs 34,999, Nokia 9 PureView is not a bad deal if you are a Nokia fan however, you should definitely consider One Plus 7T if you are willing to spend around 34k on a phone.

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