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India’s most iconic thought leadership platform – the India Today Conclave – is back with its 19th edition, on 13 and 14 March, 2020, at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, where some of the sharpest minds on the planet will come together for two days of global diagnostics – analysing some of the most urgent issues that are raising temperatures across the world and in India.

Listen to Evan Spiegel, Co-founder and CEO of Snap.Inc on how technology and augmented reality is altering human dynamics; Foreign Minister, S Jaishankar on navigating a volatile world and rebalancing India’s foreign policy; top economists Arvind Subramanian & K Subramaniam, two chief economic advisers with two perspectives on the Indian economy. Ace analyst and author Ruchir Sharma on de-globalisation and what India needs to do to succeed. Super-star Salman Khan on getting the pulse of the people right; Top artists Javed Akhtar and Shubha Mudgal on poetry, music, politics, and the bitter partitions of our national imagination. Actress Bhumi Pednekar, policy expert Navroz K. Dubash and corporate-activist Shloka Nath on why India is the 5th most climate-change vulnerable country in the world and why every facet of society must join the climate movement. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana on using art to break stereotypes. Actor & comedian Vir Das on democracy and dissent. Students Afreen Fatima, Ismat Ara and Aishe Ghosh on why women are taking to the streets and storming India – in peace. Nirmala Sitharaman on India’s economy, fielding concern and finding solutions. Also gracing the occasion will be Dr. Ian Lipkin, the eminent virologist who is helping China fight the corona virus.  That’s just the start of the line-up.

With trade wars, drone attacks, wild fires, climate change, war threats, sliding economies, divisive elections, and rising inequity, none of the old ways of thinking hold good. The past is no longer a guide to the future. Both India and the world needs bold, informed, passionate new thinking.

India Today Conclave, 2020, will join the dots in every sphere. Meet a wide range of top politicians, thinkers, economists, analysts, sports stars and artists who will deliberate and debate the conclave theme of ‘#MercuryRising in their respective spheres. They will come together to calm, challenge and clarify.

Be a part of this leadership conference, that is defined by its quality of content and be a part of its transformational energy. FOR MORE DETAILS AND REGISTRATION, PLEASE VISIT -//www.indiatoday.in/conclave.

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