Billennium Divas: The Launch Of Venture Fund For Women In Mumbai


Shweta Shalini raises the curtains off “THE BILLENNIUM DIVAS FUND” at the Road To Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Mumbai. Maharashtra BJP spokesperson – Shweta Shalini launches a fund for the women & by the women at GES 2017.

The Billennium Divas Fund : A fund for the Women & by the Women conglomerate, encouraging Maharashtra based women entrepreneurs to start with and extend it to further territories thereafter had its curtain raised at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Mumbai spearheaded By Shweta Shalini – Chief evangelist , The Billennium Divas & Spokesperson – Maharashtra BJP with esteemed presence of Entrepreneurial Divas Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Miss Vishakha Singh.

Shweta Shalini, an Army Man’s daughter having the perfect sense of patriotism and discipline right from her childhood days proved to be a perfect successor in serving the nation and working towards for the sustainable development of the entire ecosystem around her right from rural to urban.

An entrepreneur before a politician, Shweta had been monarch to successful ventures namely – Fortune Cookie Marketing Solutions & Real Time Wave. She is a proactive member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and extended her contribution to various magazines therein. A leader right from her college days, Shweta always encouraged and motivated women around her to achieve more than what they ever thought of and emerge as leaders and founder themselves in their respective fields.

Serving as the spokesperson for the state of Maharashtra representing the BJP, Shweta also leads as a government policy implementation expert in this new progressive era of politics. She also spreads her mind of expertise across the Indian Market situations, Syndicated blogging , philanthropy and overall shines her way through as a successful youth icon. She also enlightens the young and aspiring with her strategic prospective and learning on different subjects through #ShwetNiti.

Through the fund, her main aim stands at empowering women to take a giant leap towards their entrepreneurial dream and play an equitable role towards the economy of the nation and feel the pride in serving the nation through their skills . Defying history, the count of women walking the entrepreneurial red carpet will rocket up through this fund.

Delivering a launch speech at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Shweta Shalini mentioned that, “The Billennium Divas Fund will contribute and empathize those 650 million Indian women as per Impact Alpha Social Report right from farmers and artisans in rural India to urban entrepreneurs who stand as a key to meet global goals including sustainable development by 2030 and will also strive to achieve gender equality and empower all women.”

The main objective of the TBD fund stands high to increase the density of angel investors and fund within the frontiers and lay a pathway for more and more startups to emerge. Many might fail but the strength of the fund may invite more to be born every single day. This is what will speed the engines up and boost the economy too.

The Billennium Divas Fund is an initiative of Tapaswi Group Ventures LLP, an exclusive ecosystem accelerating medium.

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