Bill Gates says not fond of Tesla cars and won’t buy one, Elon Musk says he finds Gates underwhelming



  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates has bought his first electric car and it is not Tesla but Porsche Taycan.
  • When asked why not a Tesla car, Gates said it wasn’t for him and that he was happy with Porsche.
  • The response from Tesla CEO Elon Musk came on Twitter where he called Gates underwhelming.

Bill Gates has bought his first electric car. And it’s not a Tesla, unlike what many in the tech industry drive. Instead, the Microsoft co-founder has bought a Porsche Taycan. Given that the choice may seem slightly unusual, Gates was asked about it at an interview that YouTuber Marques Brownlee was conducting with him. The reply from Gates as to why he did not go for a Tesla? He simply said that it wasn’t for him. He liked his Porsche.

Overall, Gates was all praise for electric cars. But he believed that cars made by Tesla were too expensive and that was causing a hindrance in the fight against climate change. Gates, in the interview said that the Tesla cars are great. But these cars are highly expensive at the same time and fall under the premium range. When he was asked if the price problem could be solved, and would it lead to the advancement of sustainable transport, he said Over a few decades the premium will hopefully become less to zero.

“The premium today is there, but over the next decade — except that the (mileage) range will still be a little bit less — that premium will come to zero. (When we look at all the sectors addressing climate change) passenger cars is certainly one of the most hopeful, and Tesla, if you had to name one company that’s help drive that, it’s them, Gates said.

But in the very next sentence Gates said that he had purchased a Porsche Taycan, which is his first electric car. He also mentioned that Porsche is also premium priced but he was enjoying it a lot.

“I have to say that (Porsche Taycan) is a premium priced car but it is very very cool, he said.

Musk is not amused. His response came via a tweet in which he replied to a report that talked of the choice made by Gates. A Twitter account, Tesletter, which often reports on news related to Tesla, tweeted: “A lot of people are going to watch the interview and they are going to trust Bill’s word for it and not even consider EVs. Why? Because Bill Gates is a really smart guy!”

Musk responded to this Tweet saying, “My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming tbh.”

For now we don’t know what Gates will make of this statement from Tesla boss but it seems that Musk is implying that the Microsoft co-founder doesn’t have much to say — or rather much interesting to say — about electric cars. Or in other words, Gates might be a tech luminary but Musk doesn’t find conversations with him all that interesting. Ouch!

Musk does come across a little touchy about the cars his company makes. Earlier, Musk picked a fight with a TV show called Top Gear which often shows races between cars. According to reports, it was recorded on the show that the Taycan beat the Tesla Model S in a race.

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